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Realisation Of A Dream – Steve Holcombe

October 05 – 2016

It’s been an incredible season for Steve Holcombe. Enjoying a cracking first year of senior class competition, the 22-year-old won both the Enduro 3 World Championship and British Enduro Championship. ‘Realisation Of A Dream’ celebrates Steve’s world championship winning achievements, capturing the action and events from the final round of the 2016 EnduroGP series in Cahors, France.

Steve Holcombe - 2016 Enduro 3 World Champion

“Honestly, before the start of the world championship I didn’t really know what to expect. I was hoping for regular podium finishes, with the occasional race win if things went really well. To now be Enduro 3 World Champion is just amazing.” Steve Holcombe


Racecraft Zoolander

Racecraft Fire Red

Accuri Raleigh

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