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Loron @

Date of birth:
2 / 26 / 1992
Carpentras, France
Carpentras, France
5' 9"
165 lbs

13761Adrien Loron

Master of mixing speed & style - 2017 Crankworx, Canada

14433Adrien Loron

Adrien's winning choice - The Racecraft goggle

Years riding: 15 years
Years racing: 15 years
Series: Crankworx World Tour, Urban DH, 4X World Tour

Sponsors: Norco Bicycles, 100% goggles, Sram, Rockshox, IXS, Velosolutions, Diety, Acros, Schwalbe

What is your most exciting win?
– Fox Air DH at Crankworx, Whistler 2017.

What is your favorite race / venue?
– Crankworx Whistler, Canada

What is your favorite sport other than cycling?
– Skate/ surf

What would you be doing if you didn’t ride or race?
– Building race tracks

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
– Spending time with friends, whether we are riding or whatever – skating, surfing, snowboarding, motocross.

Who is your favorite athlete from any sport?
– Shaun Palmer

What is your definition of success?
– Being happy with what you do in life!

How did you make it to where you are today?
– Working a lot! And never giving up.

Who has been the most influential person in your career?
– All of my family and friends.

Current vehicle? – Mercedes Vito
Favorite music? – Way too many to list, but 6black “Problems” is a favorite right now.
Favorite movie? – Black Cat White Hat
Favorite tv show? – None

Favorite quote?
– “Live your dreams don’t dream your life”