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Loic Bruni Upsets the Local and Takes His 2nd World Championship

September 13 – 2017

It was a dry, dusty day, deep within the not-so rainforest of Cairns, Australia. A day that seemed to be in favor of the locals turned quickly to those a bit more unexpected. A rough year for Loic Bruni has set up a cinderella story as he was the sixth to last man down the hill.

Pushing the limits of his bike, Loic threw down a run that was a bit out of control, but was also one that had him up at all of the splits by up to 1.6 seconds. Mick Hannah, the local hero, had been sitting in the hotseat for quite some time and was beginning to get comfortable. Up until this point he had a time that was 4 seconds faster than any other competitor to come down the fast and dusty track. Since he knows the track so well, he was by far the favorite to win.

Other than knowing the course like the back of his hand, Mick Hannah is known to be able to put down some serious power. Loic had the drive to show otherwise. He crossed the line, just .3 seconds faster than the other times.

After awaiting the arrival of the final riders to come down the hill, Loic Bruni was crowned as the 2017 World Champion. It had been a rough year with many ups and downs for the champ, but his hard work and dedication was rewarded at the final race of the season as he was crowned for the 2nd time of his career.

The people’s champ for life, but your World Champion for the coming year.


Congrats Loic! What a 100% effort.