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Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

November 27 – 2017

A week where kids rule. A week that is only focused on amateur racers. A week that revolves around supercross and motocross. Mini O’s bring riders from all around the world to Gatorback Cycle Park in Alachua, Florida during the week of Thanksgiving to spend it doing just what they like the most. The 100% squad was in full force, claiming 34 championships throughout the supercross and motocross races.

14761Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

Jo Shimoda twisting grip

14771Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

Seth Hammaker walked away with the 250B Supercross Championship

A busy week for most racers, as they had the chance to compete in both supercross and motocross events. A small rain delay set the motocross day back after Thanksgiving.

14759Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

Haiden Deegan was wide open all week and ended up with a motocross title

Title came from all around, Mitchell Faulk won multiple, Chase Prince claimed a title, Jarrett Fry grabbed 3 overalls, and Carter Halpain won a Supercross championship.

14748Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

Matthew LeBlanc was pinned all weekend

14754Mini Olympics Photo Gallery

Lnace Kobush raced for the first time in the A class and was solid throughout