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WTF is Barstow Solitario?

August 11 – 2017

100% vs El Solitario Barstow Collab.

From the depths of the Galician forests, El Solitario has been challenging the status quo since its birth in 2010; Known both for the emotional power and raw energy of their motorcycles and the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of their collections.

13166WTF is Barstow Solitario?

Desert dust

13165WTF is Barstow Solitario?

100% Barstow Solitario

El Solitario connects with the sense of awareness and strength that riders develop due to the inherent risk, fragility and outsider spirit that defines their way of life.

13164WTF is Barstow Solitario?

Wolves in the Desert

The Barstow.

Freedom was a key word in the early days of motorcycling. The bikes from those times are now vintage, but there’s something very nice about them which has been (mostly) lost since: character. The Barstow fuses vintage moto design with modern styling and technology resulting in a timeless look.

13182WTF is Barstow Solitario?

100% Barstow Calssic El Solitario Collab

WTF is El Solitario?