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The Speedcraft Air
Speedcraft Air
Speedcraft Air

Of Air.

The next
revolution in

Speedcraft Air

Speedcraft AIR incorporates a built-in nasal dilator from AC Systems, allowing riders to control nasal dilation from minimum to maximum. Race-tested by three-time UCI Road World Champion Peter Sagan, this system is engineered to outpace the peloton.

Speedcraft AIR is the only cycling eyewear in the world to feature the patented AC Systems breathing technology, and comes with magnetic nose stickers to secure — and properly operate — the system.

The nasal dilator is adjusted by rotating a small dial in the center of the lens, and the magnetic arms can be opened or closed to control nasal dilation throughout a ride.

Speedcraft Air
30 mm

Control your nasal dilation
from minimum to maximum.

– Expansive View

This revolutionary breathing technology is incorporated into the award-winning Speedcraft sunglass recognized for its expansive 360º visibility.

– High Quality Optics

Lightweight, shatterproof lens offers 100% UV protection and utilizes a scratch-resistant Hydroilo coating to repel oil and water.

– Superior Fit

TR90 frame design allows for enhanced space between lens and face to increase airflow and prevent fogging.

Finished with ultra-grip rubber coasted temple arms, the Speedcraft AIR rests on the face comfortably, and stays in place no matter how much you sweat.

– Nose Decals

Special design applied to the nose form a connection with magnetic arms on the glasses to control nasal dilation. The decals utilize a unique adhesive that bonds the skin and resists sweat and moisture.

Features Speedcraft Air
  1. 1 – Expansive Single-Lens Shield
    increases peripheral view and UV protection.
  2. 2 – AC Systems built-in Nasal Dilator
    controls nasal dilation with adjustment of small dial in the center of the lens
    from minimum to maximum levels.
  3. 3 – Nasal Dilation
    Nasal dilation is increased on demand to assist with the regulation of nose breathing to
    balance the correct ratio of gases entering your lungs in the proper sequence.
  4. 4 – Fully adjustable
    The Speedcraft AIR is fully adjustable to easily change the flow of air while you’re riding.
    This allows you to better control your breathing.
  5. 5 – Ultra-grip rubber coated Temple Arms
    offer secure fit and comfort.
  6. 6 – Enhanced Space
    Enhanced space between lens and face increases airflow and prevents fogging.
  7. 7 – Temple Arm Scoops
    form a secure fit to your head and manage moisture.
  8. 8 – Wrap-around Design
    reduces movement on your face and offers maximum protection.
  9. 9 – Lower Air Scoops
    increase ventilation while reducing moisture on the lens.

How to install your new Speedcraft Air:
The video instructions.


A) – Single-Lens Shield

B) – Dial

C) – TR90 Frame

D) – Magnetic Nasal Dilator

This is the ultimate combination of science and technology.
This is leverage over the competition.

This is control of earth’s most essential element:


Speedcraft Air

In the

  • Extra clear lens
  • 20 nasal strips
  • 10 moist towelettes
  • Magnetic applicator tool
  • EVA molded carrying case holds
    glasses, spare lenses, and accessories
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