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Three-Pete: Sagan and the Speedtrap Make History

September 27 – 2017

Over the years, road cycling has seen many champions, a handful of repeat champions, and only five that have ever won three separate world titles. One feat that has never been seen in the world of road cycling, is a champion that has won three world championships in a row, until now. Peter Sagan is a man with a mission and on a week that seemed to put everything against him, he persevered. Accompanied by the all new Speedtrap glasses that Peter has helped develop, he would go onto show the grit, determination, and heart of a true champion. When the ink dries on the pages of Bergen, Norway in the history books, Peter Sagan’s name will be accompanied by words like living legend, the king, unimaginable, in big, bulk letters. Words that accurately describe Peter the Great and his performance.

Leading into the race, a week went by with minimal riding for Peter, as he was accompanied by sickness. With the inability to ride and maintain fitness for the race, doubts began to arise all around Peter and everything seemed to be playing in a way that was against his favor. A smaller team and a rather long race with a lot of room for attacks, the Slovakian team remained calm and protected their man in order to conserve as much energy as possible.

A late attack was launched and Peter thought the race was done, but a late charge by the bunch reeled the break away back. Rolling into the last corner, Peter caught a fast wheel and cranked out what was to be a history making sprint and bike throw in an extremely dominant fashion. Among no others, Peter finds himself in a lane of his own, with his winnings, charisma, and character that we have all come to love so much. What a day for Peter and what a debut for the Speedtrap glasses it was. Keep an eye out for the glasses to be released soon!

Thank you Peter, here is to many more rainbows!

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